Pipe Insulation plays a vital role in the process and power plant, as it assures the correctness of the process cycle. The condition of the “fluid flowing” inside the pipe must be within the set limitations as per the project requirements (e.g. temperature, viscosity, pressure.

Purpose of Pipe Insulation 
Insulating the process piping provides many benefits to the piping system, which increases the efficiency of the work is being done. I have mentioned some of the functions below-

  1. To prevent from Heat Loss
  2. To prevent from Heat Gain
  3. To prevent from condensation
  4. To provide frost protection
  5. To provide Personnel Protection against high temperature to the human body
  6. To reduce CO2 emissions
  7. To ensure the stability of the process temperature
  8. To reduce the noise of the piping system

Appropriate lagging is therefore one of the most essential aspects to be taken into consideration for efficiently protecting your pipes. Regardless of whether it is a commercial complex or a residential, proper insulation is paramount for safeguarding your pipes from getting damaged by extreme heat and for preventing them from creating unwanted noises. However, offering a top quality and flawless pipe insulation service is not for everyone as it requires expert professional skills to conduct a meticulous system so if you are in need of a lagging service especially in a commercial environment, Container Mobile Office (CMOC) is available to help achieve a desired outcome.
CMOC offers a flawless and professional service and our workforce is certified and can be relied upon. We thrive in satisfying our core customer base in the industry. We welcome all product enquiries, as well as any suggestions or comments you may have. Our team of friendly consultants are on hand to provide personalised service to all our customers.

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